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What Should I Do If Skin Bleaching Cream Gets in My Eyebrows or Hair?

What Should I Do If Skin Bleaching Cream Gets in My Eyebrows or Hair?

Bleaching agents typically work by reducing the amount of melanin in tissue. Melanin is the biological compound which gives skin, eyes and hair their color. There are many ways of interacting with melanin in order to reduce its concentration in these tissues, resulting in a lighter shade.

If you use a skin bleaching cream for your skin, it might end up in your eyebrows or hair during the process. How this will affect you in the long run depends on the nature of the bleaching agent you are using as well as the quantity in the hair and the amount of time it was left to stay there. A few bleaches contain compounds which may also change the color of hair or eyebrows, making them lighter.

Steps to Take When This Happens

Some skin bleaches are designed such that they will not have much of an effect when applied on hair. However, just to be sure, you should aim to get rid of the bleaching agent from hair as soon as you notice it there. This gives it less time to impart its chemical effects on the hair, leading to a color change (if the bleaching agent is capable of this).

Once in contact with your hair, you should wash it off with lukewarm water to remove the bleach. Doing this as soon as possible will ensure that the skin bleach will not have any time to start reacting with the keratin and melanin in your hair.

Use A Bleaching Agent with A Balanced Chemical Profile

The bleaching agents that are most prone to causing problems when they come into contact with hair are those which contain very strong chemicals. The other side effect they have is a high risk of damage to your skin. Avoid this by getting well-balanced and dermatologically proven bleaching agents. These usually comprise chemicals which are mild, but work effectively at making your skin light while keeping it soft and supple as well.

These types of bleaching agents are less prone to quickly interacting with hair and causing discoloration or other problems, making them safer in this regard as well. Consider investing in them for all around satisfaction.

In Case of Discoloration…

If it turns out that the bleaching agent discolored your hair or eyebrows, there are various ways to solve the issue once you have washed your hair or face. Getting a dye and then dyeing the affected part tends to be a good idea in most cases. However, this only works if you get a hair dye in a color which exactly matches your hair color.

Depending on the location at which the discoloration occurred one can also have their hair done in such a manner that this part is hidden.

Fortunately, problems of hair and eyebrow discoloration are temporary, since both will grow and the discolored part will eventually disappear. Holding your hair back well and being careful when applying the cream on your face are ways of reducing the risk of any discoloration.