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What Is Better - Skin Bleaching or Waxing?

What Is Better - Skin Bleaching or Waxing?

There is a considerable number of women out there who have unwanted facial hair. This is quite normal, especially if the hair is minimal. After menopause, the amount of facial hair increases, which can present a problem for many women.

When trying to sort out the problem either after menopause or before, the two methods they might consider include waxing and bleaching. Although bleaching is not a hair removal method, it can be used to hide the presence of facial hair, particularly if it’s minimal. It can be the ideal way to deal with the problem in such cases. Some of the reasons for this include:

It's Not as Painful as Some Hair Removal Methods

In a bid to ensure that they don’t have to deal with the issue again, there are some women who try to remove the hair permanently. This usually involves having to use laser hair removal. Temporary methods of management include shaving, which is the most common. They can also try waxing and tweezing.

Hair removal methods such as laser removal, tweezing and waxing are painful, and many would not want to go through such pain. This is particularly so when using laser hair removal, where the process hurts and would need several sessions to be complete. Using a bleaching agent is a much easier proposition, and usually does not involve any pain. You can use the method to camouflage the presence of any facial hair particularly if it’s not very long.

It Can Be Expensive to Use Some Hair Removal Methods

Permanent hair removal methods are expensive, and out of reach for many individuals. Laser hair removal is a perfect example of this. Rather than going through with it, you could choose to bleach the facial hair, so that it’s barely noticeable. If you are bent on a permanent hair removal method, you can still use bleaching as a means of hiding the facial hair as you save up for the laser therapy.

Waxing facial hair can also be expensive, depending on where you get it done. Facial hair is usually treated specially compared to hair on other parts of the body due to the fact that the face has sensitive skin. You will therefore spend more on it.

No Need to Worry About Ingrown Hairs

Shaving facial hair is associated with a number of potential complications including ingrown hairs. These occur as a result of the sharp edges of the cut hair shaft grow in such a manner that they end up digging into the skin while curling. Remember that when shaving, the sharp edge of the blade tends to make a clean, angular cut on each hair. This makes it have a sharp edge. Though more prevalent after shaving, ingrown hairs can also occur after waxing as well.

Ingrown hairs can bring with them a multitude of problems including boils. They also tend to be very uncomfortable and could make your skin look bumpy. Rather than dealing with this, you could choose to have the hair bleached. In terms of preventing ingrown hairs, bleaching is superior to waxing.

In summary, bleaching facial hair is an excellent way to hide it, particularly if it’s not so long. You can use it when other methods of hair removal such as waxing are inaccessible to you, as well as when you are saving money for more permanent hair removal methods. Either way, using a bleaching agent from a respectable firm is important for you to achieve the best results possible.