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Is There Mercury in Skintrium's Skin Bleaching Products?

Is There Mercury in Skintrium's Skin Bleaching Products?

For years, mercury’s effect on dark spots and dark skin have been well known by many. It is an effective skin lightener, and has also been noted to be excellent at getting rid of spots. However, this comes at a huge cost. Mercury used over a long time (as most skin lightening creams are) results in a host of side effects which can be difficult to treat and affect major organs.

This is why the use of mercury in beauty products in many parts of the world is banned. In the United States, the allowed limit of mercury in beauty products is one part per million. However, Skintrium products do not contain any mercury despite this allowance. This is as a result of focussing on giving customers the best experience with little or no side effects.

The Damage That Mercury Can Do

Mercury found in skin care products can have many effects when used over a long time. The main adverse effect is kidney damage. With time, the mercury is assimilated into the blood. As the body tries to get rid of it via the kidneys, the metal accumulates and deranges the functions of the kidney. This results in kidney failure.

When one is continuously exposed to mercury for even longer or when higher doses are administered, the kidney damage becomes progressively worse, and it could get to the point where an individual would need dialysis or a kidney transplant because of total, irreversible kidney failure.

Other common problems associated with mercury-containing skincare products include unwanted discoloration, rashes and formation of scars. The skin’s ability to resist infection is also reduced, so one would be prone to more frequent bacterial and fungal infections getting to the body through the skin. When mercury reaches the blood and is transported to the brain, if often leads to psychosis, anxiety, depression and other nervous system disorders.

The Shortcomings of Regulation

As has been explained, the federal government caps the amount of mercury in skincare products to one part per million. However, there are many products in the market which contain mercury levels that far exceed this by even 20 or 30 times. Some may even claim to contain no mercury. The relevant agencies do a lot of work to intercept these products, but a few tend to pass through their dragnets and enter the cosmetics market in the US.

For this reason, it’s advisable to buy skin bleaching agents from firms that are trusted, and which use chemicals that are not only effective but also do little harm.

Why Skintrium Is Your Best Choice

By buying Skintrium, you are guaranteed of avoiding all the problems associated with mercury as well as other dangerous chemicals. The manufacturing standards and quality control for these products are extremely stringent, and third parties are also frequently involved in assessment of the products to get rid of bias.

As a result, you can trust that Skintrium products will have absolutely no mercury in them, and that they will still work as expected.