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Is It Possible to Correct a Dark Forehead Without Making It Lighter Than the Rest of My Face?

Is It Possible to Correct a Dark Forehead Without Making It Lighter Than the Rest of My Face?

There are some conditions such as acne which resolve in such a manner that leaves the affected area darker than the rest of the body. An example of this is when the acne affects one’s forehead more than the rest of the face. During resolution, the forehead might be left darker than the rest of the face. Sorting this out requires one to make wise decisions, particularly if they plan to use skin lightening creams to achieve their goals. However, there is a risk that the forehead may then become much lighter than the rest of the face. To ensure that the final skin tone is even, there are some tips you can try out including:

Using A Mild, Tried and Tested Bleaching Cream

Your choice of bleaching cream plays a huge role in determining how light the lightening will be. People who use homemade bleaching agents or those with very powerful chemicals in them usually notice very quick lightening. In such a scenario, it’s easier to end up having a forehead that is shades lighter than the rest of your face.

You should therefore be more interested in quality and moderation when choosing the type of skin lightener you want. Always go for those which are mild, since they will give you some control regarding how light or dark the skin will be.

Following Instructions of Use Is Critical

Not following the instructions of use can result in problems with differing skin tones. For instance, some individuals may be impatient, and end up using the bleaching cream a lot more frequently than advised. In such cases, this might result in excessive inhibition of melanin production, and the skin may become far too light. This is in addition to other side effects that might arise as a result of exposing the skin to too much of the bleaching agent.

Some bleaching agents require mixing before use. in such cases, ensure that you mix the different chemicals in the right proportion so that you end up with a mixture that will have a predictable lightening effect.

Don’t Be Impatient

When using a high-quality skin lightening agent which has gradual onset of action, one may become impatient and try different ways to speed up the process. However, keep in mind that having a controlled whitening rate is critical to ensuring that you end up with a skin tone that is just right. Rather than taking steps such as mixing it with other bleaching creams or using too much of it, simply keep using the bleaching agent as advised and note the gradual whitening. This way, it will get to the point where the lightening will be perfect enough to make your facial skin tone even.

It’s very easy for anyone to become disappointed when trying to make their forehead skin tone match the rest of their face using bleaching creams. By doing the above, you can reduce the risk of this happening dramatically. Consult your beautician, the bleaching agent vendor and even your doctor for more tips on getting accurate results.