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How Long Will It Take Until I See Results from The Skin Bleaching Products?

How Long Will It Take Until I See Results from The Skin Bleaching Products?

One of the commonest questions people have when starting to use skin bleaching agents is how much time to expect until they see results. Unfortunately, this is one of those questions for which a single answer won’t suffice. There are many factors that affect the rate of skin lightening, and many things you can do to ensure that the process is accelerated. Typically, it takes between 2 and 3 weeks for you to start noticing some changes in your skin complexion once you start using the bleaching agents. The factors that influence this include:

The Product You Are Using

The products you choose to use for skin bleaching have a heavy impact in determining how much and to what degree the lightening will occur. The sensible thing is to therefore buy products that have shown to rapidly whiten the skin. However, you should also keep in mind the safety of such products. There are some skin bleaching agents which are claimed to show results within days, but which are so powerful that they end up damaging your skin irreversibly soon after. When shopping for a skin bleaching agent, go for those that are safe and which will bleach the skin within a reasonable timeline.

Whether You Follow the Bleaching Instructions

The instructions on how the bleaching agent is to be used depends on the brand you get. Deviation from this usually results in either slowed bleaching or an increased risk of harm. Once you buy your new skin bleaching agent, it would be wise to go through the instructions carefully, and then make sure that you adhere to them each time you use it. For instance, some may require daily application, while others might require application once every two days. Delaying too much will obviously result in a slower pace of whitening.

The Nature of Your Skin

The inherent nature of your skin will also influence the rate at which it lightens. For instance, people with very dark skin might need to use the skin bleaching agents for longer, since they tend to have more melanin or more melanin-producing cells. The chemicals that reduce the amount of melanin produced during the bleaching may therefore need more time for visible changes to be noticeable. This means that if you notice someone else having very rapid results while your skin is taking longer to get a lighter tone, this could be simply because of the difference in your skin types.

These are just a few of the factors that influence the time it takes for bleaching to show effects. The key thing to remember is that the changes are likely to be noticeable within three weeks to two months, depending on a host of factors including the above and more.

It also means that when you start using skin bleaching agents, your expectations should be realistic. It would be unwise to use a bleaching product for a few days and then simply give up or change to another product simply because you have not seen the results. Always remember that this is a long term process, and if you have chosen the correct products then the effects will be noticeable in due course.