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Does Skin Lightening Cream Work On Moles?

Does Skin Lightening Cream Work On Moles?

By definition, a mole is a collection of melanocytes on the skin. Melanocytes are cells which produce melanin, and this is why moles tend to be darker in color compared to the rest of the skin. By controlling the proliferation of the melanocytes on the skin and reducing the amount of melanin already there, the intensity of such moles can be reduced, and sometimes they can be gotten rid of altogether. Skin bleaching agents typically have the effect of reducing the amount of melanin on the skin, and can therefore be used to get rid of most types of moles.

Does Skin Lightening Cream Work on All Types of Moles?

If you have a mole and are interested in getting rid of it, proper identification is an important first step in ensuring that the process works when using skin lightening creams. If the mole is raised, only depending on skin lightening creams might not work effectively. You may need to visit a dermatologist to have it removed surgically or through the use of electrocautery or by using liquid nitrogen. When the raise mole is removed in this manner, it may leave a scar that you can then lighten using the skin lightening creams.

Many people have moles that do not protrude from the skin, also known as flat moles. In such cases, you can try to remove them using a skin lightening product without surgical intervention first. However, it’s always good to have a dermatologist or pathologist examine the mole to determine the risk of it turning into a cancerous mass. If examination is done and it is found to be benign, then you can easily use skin lightening creams on a flat mole to reduce how dark it is.

Understand What You Can Expect

Your expectations vary depending on the brand of skin lightener as well as how you follow the directions for use. When you use a reliable brand, you may need consistent application for several weeks before you start seeing the results. You should therefore not stop using the product after only a few days, since the chemicals will not have worked on the melanocytes for long enough to get rid of the melanin. If a quality brand is used, the risk of having adverse effects are minimal. Some people who have sensitive skin might have some slight irritation once they start using the skin lightening cream. This should subside with continued use of the product.

The Importance of Quality Skin Lightening Creams

The use of top brand skin lightening creams cannot be overemphasized, as these are chemically balanced to ensure that they not only get rid of the melanin, but also nourish the skin as well. This becomes the safest way to get rid of the mole without having to damage the rest of your skin. Other general skincare steps such as having a balanced diet and enough exercise will also contribute to healthier skin.

In summary, you can use a skin lightening cream to get rid of moles, particularly if the mole is flat and not malignant in nature.