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Does Skin Bleaching Damage the Skin?

Does Skin Bleaching Damage the Skin?

A common beauty concern among many people is how dark their skin is. This could be as a result of genetic factors, or the presence of too many scars resulting from conditions such as severe acne. In these situations, it may make sense for one to use a skin bleaching agent which will lighten the skin leading to a more attractive skin tone. Though most bleaching agents are used to lighten one’s face, it is also possible to bleach the entire body. A common concern among many people is whether skin bleaching will damage the skin or not. This heavily depends on the quality of the bleaching agent used.

The Problem with Low Quality or Home-Made Bleaching Agents

If you use low quality skin bleaching agents such as those that are home-made, you can definitely expect some degree of skin damage particularly if you use them in the long term. The fact that they are homemade or low quality means that their efficacy is not tested, and they are likely to have high amounts of products such as heavy metals and acids. The result is that the skin might lighten, but at the cost of introducing other forms of skin damage.

How Low Quality Bleaching Agents Cause Skin Damage

Low quality skin bleaching agents are more likely to damage the skin as a result of high concentrations of chemicals such as acids and heavy metals in them. For instance, the acids could interfere with the structural integrity of the skin. The presence of the heavy metals might lead to long term complications including a higher risk of skin cancer. This is why skin lightening creams have a bad reputation in some parts of the world.

However, this is only because the products most commonly used in those areas are not tested. Low quality bleaching agents can also prove to be too strong, and result in removal of too much melanin from the skin. When such skin is exposed to the sun, the risk of sunburn from UV rays is much higher, since virtually all the melanin has been removed. Exposure to UV rays without the protection from melanin also results in changes in the DNA of the underlying skin cells. This results in an increased risk of skin cancer.

Quality Skin Bleaching Agents Won't Harm Your Skin

If you buy dermatologically tested skin bleaching agents, you should have no worry about damage to the skin. The fact that the products are tested means that they don’t contain any chemicals that will pose a risk either in the long or short term. They are also mild, which means they lighten the skin by healthy degrees. You will end up with a lighter and clearer skin tone, without losing too much melanin. This means that your skin will be protected against UV rays.

To further enhance the efficacy of the bleaching agents, they are also likely to contain other compounds that keep the skin healthy. These include vitamin C, vitamin E and hydrating agents. This means that not only will you end up with much lighter skin, but it will also be smooth, supple and healthier than before.