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Does Skin Bleaching Cream Fade Tattoos?

Does Skin Bleaching Cream Fade Tattoos?

Getting a tattoo can be initially fun, but there are times when you find that it’s a bad decision later on, and want to reverse it. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to achieve in many instances, particularly if the tattoo is recently done. The mainstay for tattoo removal is through the use of laser treatments, but this requires many sessions depending on the size and age of the tattoo, and in some cases, can be expensive.

You will also need to visit the laser tattoo removal center several times before it is all removed. One other option you can consider is through the use of skin bleaching creams. Though they don’t outright remove the tattoos, they can help in fading the tattoos thus making them less conspicuous.

The Mechanism Behind Using Bleaching Creams to Fade Tattoos

There are two things that lend tattoos their color: the ink that is deposited deep into the skin, as well as the scarring that occurs due to the needles poking the skin when first having the tattoo done. The ink that is deep within the skin cannot be affected by bleaching cream. This is because bleaching creams are designed to reduce the amount of melanin in skin, thus making the complexion lighter. The cells they affect are very close to the surface of the skin, while the tattoo ink is usually very deep within the skin.

However, since tattooing also leads to formation of scars which increase the conspicuousness of the tattoo, using skin bleaching cream on them can lead to fading. This is because the cream reduces the melanin that contributes to the tattoo’s dark color, which in turn reduces the color intensity. For this to be effective, however, the cream has to be used on a regular basis, and you should expect the outcome to start being visible within a few days or weeks depending on the type of bleaching cream you use.

Adjunctive Measures to Get Rid of the Tattoo Completely

If you want to get rid of the tattoo completely, it would make sense to combine the use of a bleaching cream with a method that will get rid of the ink under the skin. Though painful, the use of laser removal is currently the best way to go around this. This involves zapping the tattoo with laser beams of a particular intensity. This breaks up the ink molecules, which are then removed from the site by your body’s immune cells. The laser removal can sometimes leave scars in a few individuals, but this would be sorted out with the use of the skin bleaching cream.

Always Go for Quality Skin Bleaching Creams

The effectiveness of a skin bleaching cream in fading a tattoo does not only depend on time and proper use, but also the quality of the cream as well. Always go for skin bleaching brands that have a good reputation, and you will be assured that your skin will be left healthy. Some of these contain nutrients and vitamins for the skin which encourage production of new cells to replace the ones that have a lot of melanin in them. This contributes to tattoo fading, as well as making your skin healthier.