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Does Skin Bleaching Cause Stretch Marks?

Does Skin Bleaching Cause Stretch Marks?

There are reports from many people who have tried to use skin bleaching agents where they end up getting stretch marks. This can be disappointing since the bleaching agents are used for cosmetic purposes, and the stretch marks negate this. These stretch marks are usually found on one’s thighs and legs, though other parts of the body can also be affected. However, this does not mean that skin bleaching should be avoided. Choosing the right type of bleaching agent will get rid of the risk of getting stretch marks, since it’s only particular bleaching agents that can cause it.

How Stretch Marks Are Formed

There are many causes of stretch marks, the most common of which are associated with weight gain and pregnancy. However, when it comes to skin bleaching, the use of low quality skin bleaching agents are the main culprits. Many of these agents are usually not well tested when being developed, so this side effect is not corrected. Ensuring that your skin bleaching cream brand is reliable is the simplest way to avoid the stretch marks.

Most of the low-quality bleaching agents contain a corticosteroid as part of the ingredients. However, these types of steroids are known to make the skin thinner especially when used over a long time, as you would when using a skin bleaching agent. In addition to that, they can also reduce the amount of collagen beneath the skin. These two factors result in the formation of stretch marks. With regular use of these products, you may start noticing the stretch marks after two to three months.

High Grade Skin Bleaching Agents and How They Stop Stretch Marks

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about this if you buy high grade skin bleaching agents. These are not necessarily very expensive, but are made with the health of your skin in mind. The fact that you are likely to use these products for weeks or even months on end should make you careful so that you choose agents that will be healthy for your skin.

High quality bleaching agents reduce melanin formation without having to thin the skin or reduce the amount of collagen in it. This is because they don’t contain steroids. In addition to that, top brands also contain skin nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A and many others. These ingredients help in keeping the skin rejuvenated, and encourage collagen formation. As a result, you end up with skin that is not only shades lighter, but also smooth and supple. Some will even have compounds that will protect your skin from UV radiation.

Therefore, you can get stretch marks from skin bleaching agents particularly if you don’t pay attention to what you are getting. However, if you insist on only the top brands, this will not happen. Instead, you will have healthier skin and also have the benefit of lighter skin. The best thing about it is that you don’t even have to spend a lot of money for this; you only need to choose the right product.