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About Us

About Us

We didn’t set out to become a major skincare company....
We just wanted to make a product for ourselves that we couldn’t find anywhere else. An effective formula that would fade blotchy hyperpigmentation without harshness or damage. Something that actually nourished skin as it restored the flawless, even tone of our youth.
There had to be a better way
At the time, the only products on the market contained harsh chemicals like hydroquinone, mercury, and steroids, and actually damaged skin as it lightened dark areas. That wasn’t anything we wanted for our own complexion. So the Skintrium journey began. We gathered a small team of chemists, biologists, and dermatologists to develop a formula that corrected pigmentation issues while regenerating skin. A formula that renewed and restored skin at the cellular level.
Our friends demanded to know the secret
Seeing our skin take on glowing good health, family and friends wanted some of our miracle formulation too. And then their friends wanted some. The next thing we knew, Skintrium was not just one product, but an entire collection, grown entirely by word of mouth.

The Foundation of Beauty

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin

But age, sun, hormones, radiation therapy, acne and other challenges can leave problem areas:  dark spots, blotches, pitting, scarring, or dry, scaly or ashy texture. And since skin is literally our face to the world, it’s no wonder that many people feel isolated or alienated when their skin  doesn’t look its best. Flawless skin is the foundation of beauty.
Restorative, corrective, curative care starts here
As soon as we launched Skintrium, we started hearing from people whose lives we had changed. Afflicted with post‐acne scarring or post‐radiation hyperpigmentation or a host of other skin problems, these customers had searched fruitlessly for a solution until they found Skintrium. And unlike with harsh products, the longer they used Skintrium, the better their skin looked.
An ongoing quest
Spurred on by these success stories, our scientists continued to research innovative therapies that could provide luminous results for every type of skin, every kind of issue. We experimented relentlessly, uncovering the benefits of micronized sea kelp, micronized 24K gold, and rare polypeptides. We tested dozens of brighteners and correctives before selecting the gentle but effective Sepiwhite MSH, and SepiCalm. We searched the world over to discover healing botanicals from the Amazon, Africa, and Europe. We developed methods to maximize the miraculous effect of each ingredient.
Keep your complexion radiant, healthy and flawless
Beginning in 3‐5 days, the precisely‐balanced brightening ingredients in Skintrium products erase the surface melanin that results in spots, patches, and blemishes, while gentle ingredients like botanicals and polypeptides they deeply nourish and heal old damage. When you fall in love with the effects of smooth, supple, glowing skin you can continue with your Skintrium regimen as long as you desire.
The fair side of flawless skin
Used longer than the therapeutic window, a side effect of our products is a gentle overall skin lightening, skin brightening or even skin whitening of your natural color, an effect many people prefer. Your brighter tone appears perfectly natural to you and will remain in effect as long as you continue with your Skintrium regimen (and stay out of the sun!). If you’re comfortable with this effect, continue to use your favorite Skintrium products and watch your skin return to its most natural state. And no worries—with our rich and nourishing formulas, your skin only becomes even more healthy, luminous and smooth the longer you use Skintrium.