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Esthetic Blend® 
Amazingly Potent. For brilliant results.

Explore our collection of Made-To-Measure corrective skincare products, originally custom-blended exclusively for private clients.
High Potency Esthetic Blend®
We first compounded these astounding formulas for the most demanding clients in the world—celebrities whose faces are their fortunes. With time, we perfected a handful of formulas that beautifully and rapidly restore and correct the most challenging skin discoloration issues, non-medical hyper-pigmentation, and stubborn, difficult-to-remove epidermal dark spots.
The Transformative Esthetic Blend®
Self-esteem and confidence elevated

Now these exclusive customized corrective products are lavishly appointed with rare ingredients of pure micronized gold and platinum to nourish and support skin. Hand-harvested sea kelp and refined extracts of rare botanicals from the Amazon basin help reverse the signs of aging. Exclusive and proprietary skin-tone corrective ingredients and select poly-peptides help reverse hormonal discoloration, melasma, sun-damage—even scarring from acne and chicken pox. Clarity, tone and youth giving collagen are restored.
Result Matter—Esthetic Blend® 
Experience the most deluxe made-to-measure corrective skincare available anywhere.
Esthetic Blend® — Unsurpassed results-   Unsurpassed performance. 


Esthetic Blend Oro Amplified Corrective Facial Moisturizer
Was: $249.99 - $449.99
Now: $124.99 - $324.99 On Sale
Esthetic Blend Skin Whiten Complex


Was: $899.99
Now: $449.99 On Sale
Esthetic Blend Teal Corrective Facial Moisturizer
Was: $139.99 - $539.98
Now: $69.99 - $469.98 On Sale
Esthetic Blend Teal Custom Corrective Body Complex
Was: $199.99
Now: $99.99 On Sale
Esthetic Blend Crème de Laser Exfoliating Renewal Cream for the Body

Ultimate renewal

Was: $599.99
Now: $299.99 On Sale
Esthetic Blend Gelato Corrective Moisturizing Gel

Feather-light deep moisture

Was: $899.99
Now: $449.50 On Sale