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Can Skin Bleaching Cream Be Used During Pregnancy?

Can Skin Bleaching Cream Be Used During Pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, you have to be careful about the medication that you come into contact with, since this will not affect you but the baby as well. One category of cosmetics that you should particularly be careful with is skin lightening products. There are many skin bleaching agents out there, and many pregnant women might consider using some of them. This is because during pregnancy, the hormonal changes usually induce darkening of the face that they might want to correct.

To ensure that you and your baby are safe, you should always be keen on which items you choose for skin lightening.

Ingredients You Should Avoid

When it comes to skin lightening products, there are some ingredients in these products that you should avoid. Unfortunately, they are very common among many skin bleaches, which means that you need to pay attention to them. Hydroquinone is ubiquitous in skin lightening creams. Though it has not been tested on humans, it has been shown to increase the rates of stillbirth and birth defects in animals such as birds and rats.

Many skin whitening products also contain steroids which have the potential to result in the formation of a small placenta, a higher risk of low birth weight and also reduces cortisol which is important during gestation.

Does This Mean That You Can’t Use Skin Lightening Products When Pregnant?

Given the advice above, there are many parties which discourage the use of bleaching agents during any stage of pregnancy. However, the truth is that you can still use skin lightening products even if you are pregnant without posing a risk to you and your baby. This involves being more careful in the selection and use of the skin bleaching agents.

The main issue is to make sure that you buy a product which does not contain the dangerous chemicals named above. The fact that a huge number of brands use steroids and hydroquinone may make this sound difficult, but it is possible to find a product which doesn’t contain them and which still works.

An example of this is Skintrium products, which do not contain any of the above but which is still very effective at treating melasma and other skin discoloration disorders.

If You Are Not Very Confident…

Pregnancy is a delicate thing, and being unsure about many things about it is normal. If you are not very confident about using an excellent product such as Skintrium despite it not having the chemicals that might pose a threat to your pregnancy, you could get third party help in sorting this out. Consulting your obstetrician is usually the best route. They can go through the ingredients list, and chances are that they will tell you that the product is safe to use.

Therefore, one can say that it is possible to use skin bleaching agents even if you are pregnant. However, you would need to be much more careful than usual, so that you don’t end up regretting the move later on. Corroborating this with your obstetrician should give you even more confidence.