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Can Skin Bleaching Cream Be Used After a Hot Shower?

Can Skin Bleaching Cream Be Used After a Hot Shower?

Using a skin bleaching agent for maximum effect is a function of using it properly. Usually, things that seem innocuous at first may turn out to be the reason why you have problems with the skin bleaching agent, even when you buy one from a trusted brand. One of those things that you might not think about is whether to use the bleach after a hot shower or not.

Usually, using the bleach after a hot shower is only natural for many people. They find it easy to include it in their routine in this manner, just before putting on makeup. However, using a bleaching agent after a hot shower is not necessarily a good idea, irrespective of which brand you are using.

The Effect of Hot Showers On The Skin

To understand this, one has to know the physiological changes that occur after having a hot shower or bath. Having a hot shower usually means spending some time having your body exposed to warm or hot water. During this time, your body reacts by increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin in a bid to get rid of the heat. More importantly, the skin pores open up as a result of the presence of moisture and heat on the skin surface.

How This Affects Bleaching

When you bleach your skin after this, you would be applying the bleach to skin that has wide open pores, and also which is more sensitive than usual. A common side effect of this is having a tingling sensation or full-on irritation depending on how sensitive your skin is.

This means that after a short while, you might decide to wash off the bleaching agent before it has had time to penetrate the skin, since it would be uncomfortable. Doing this on multiple occasions might result in a drastically slowed down bleaching process, and in some cases it might not occur at all. Most bleaching agents have this instruction on their labels.

The Alternative Way of Doing It

Rather than taking a hot bath before applying the shampoo, you should aim to do so when your skin has not been exposed to the hot or warm water. This could be a few minutes or hours before taking a shower. Some people prefer to use the bleach after showering, since they will have gotten time to get the grime off their faces to make it easier for the bleaching agent to penetrate the skin.

This is legitimate, but you would need to wait for some time before using the bleaching agent rather than doing it immediately. This gives your skin time to cool and to go back to its baseline physiological state. Giving your skin an hour or two after having a hot shower can be used as a rough guideline for this. It might seem like such a mundane issue, but it is one that is important. Having a hot shower and then immediately can cause problems for you, and should therefore be avoided.