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Can I Use Skin Bleaching Cream to Lighten My Private Area?

Can I Use Skin Bleaching Cream to Lighten My Private Area?

The genital area and perineum are prime focus areas on the body for people who want to bleach their skin. Various factors can lead to the genital area to be much darker compared to the rest of the body, which can be embarrassing for the individual. In some cases, this can be apparent when ladies wear bikinis in which case the darkness of the area will obviously show.

Using bleaching agents to get rid of this problem is one of the most effective ways of handling it. However, the sensitive nature of the perineum and the area around the genitals means that one has to be careful with what they are doing lest they end up creating even bigger problems. Bleaching this area is possible, but only if you follow a few tips including:

Use Skin Bleaches That Are Mild

Majority of skin bleaches contain harmful chemicals purported to lighten the skin by a huge margin, and within a short time. Since the skin around the genitals is thin and sensitive, contact with these chemicals could cause irritation and even chemical scarring which makes the problem even worse. Reversing such damage might be difficult.

The use of bleaches that are designed for sensitive skin is advisable in such cases. In addition to the bleaching agent, some of these contain compounds which soothe and nourish the skin as well, making the skin stay healthy while bleaching it. Always insist on using these types of bleaches for the genital area and even for the rest of your body.

Test Your Sensitivity Before Use

Some peoples’ bodies react to some of the chemicals in a bleaching agent, even if it’s mild. An allergic reaction can manifest in a variety of ways including formation of scars over the area as well as increased itchiness. These are problems that you definitely don’t want around your genital area.

If you have never used a mild bleaching agent before, you can test it by applying a very small amount of it on a discreet part of your body such as over your shoulder. Let it sit for a few minutes, and if your body doesn’t react to it then you can then use it to bleach your genital area with confidence. This step is very important especially for people who are known to have allergies to other things such as eggs, some types of soap and other foods and medications.

Exfoliate the Area

You are advised to exfoliate the area around your genitals around once a week using a very mild body scrub. This gets rid of the dead layer of skin cells in the region, thus rejuvenating the skin. It also makes it easier for the bleach to penetrate into the skin. Avoid overdoing it such as by using very strong scrubs or scrubbing multiple times a day for many days in a row.

With these tips, you can bleach the area around your genitals safely and with minimal risk of side effects. Remember to also wear breathable cotton underwear, preferably if it’s loose and comfortable. When you have gotten the results you want and start wearing bikinis and shorts, apply sunscreen to all exposed areas to prevent accelerated darkening.