About Us

About Us

Curative Restorative Corrective

Beauty today begins with skin that glows with optimum health, kissed with makeup-optional radiance, and corrected to a color depth that's just right for you.

Today you have so many choices—Whether your hair will be bleached blonde or brown or highlighted or what color your eyes will be (at least for today) and what length you'll pick for your lashes.

Skintrium™ lets you choose how deep your skin color will be- a flawless, radiant skin that’s free of freckles, scarring, roughness, discolorations, or other detractions that make your skin anything less than perfect.

Whatever decision you make about your hair color, eye color, or skin color, you want your choices to be healthy and safe, as well as lovely and radiant. And that's what you get with Skintrium™.

Products that really work - fast and dramatically

In the time it takes other products to begin showing a slight effect, you can be enjoying dramatic results with our gorgeous products. To start with, we're lavish with luxurious (and worth it!) corrective ingredients, often combining several to give you the most powerful skin restoration possible. We add gentle humectants that make skin more receptive to the corrective treatment. We balance pH for a healing, natural environment. Finally, we pack these wonderful products with rich nutrients and botanicals to refresh, renew, and restore your skin.

Literally millions of fans around the globe agree that these are the most amazing skin brightening products anywhere. Skintrium™ customers return again and again to refill their orders, and send in compliments that frankly make us blush.